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Sewage / Effluent Treatment Plants

Gozone Water installs and maintains sewage treatment plants specified to your specific requirements.


We do:

  • Containerised sewage treatment
  • Sewage Treatment Plants solutions
  • Above ground and below ground sewage treatment
  • Chemical-free sewage treatment
  • Large sewage treatment

Let us advise you:

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Gozone systems use a biological process where bacteria colonies are grown on a submersed fixed film media where they feed on organic nutrients (sewerage). Oxygen is introduced at the correct levels into the treatment tank (bioreactor) to encourage and promote bacteria growth. In so doing COD levels are reduced, nitrification and de-nitrification occurs and nitrates and ammonia levels are controlled rendering the water safe for recycling. Once the bacteria mature they die and the Gozone system scours them off the media.

This effluent passes into the clarifier where the sludge settles at the bottom and the clear water separates at the top. The clear water can then be sterilised by means of an ozone or ultraviolet technology. Once sterilised, the treated effluent is ready for discharge, either by means of irrigation or to return into dams or rivers. The accumulated sludge at the bottom of the clarifier is recycled back into the septic tank where it is digested further.

If required, further treatment will be necessary to make the water suitable for drinking. The units are designed to suit the number of occupants using the water and toilet facilities. In offices and factories where occupants are only there during working hours, the sizing will be different to domestic homes and this must be taken in to account. (A normal household will use 250 litres per person per day). The Gozone systems are modular in design meaning that the treatment tanks are banked up to suit the application.






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